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These small groups are based in homes across the Triad. Some groups offer specific topics such as marriage, parenting, overcoming grief, or finances and will run for a certain time period.

Other groups will be ongoing and will target a certain age or interest group and have appropriately based studies. A third type of group will be geared to minister to a certain geographical location and be open to any and all.

While fellowship is a huge part of Home Groups, they also offer the ability for people to connect on a more intimate level. By combining aspects of study, discussion, worship and prayer, individuals are afforded the opportunity to open up and truly know and be known.

If you are looking for a place to forge deeper relationships, or are hungry for discipleship . . . these groups are for you!

You can pull up tabs by the city you live in to see what might be available or click on a button to the right.  We’re glad you’re interested in the small groups of Calvary Church!

6 responses

14 09 2009

Please send me information on these groups, have only been attending Calvary a short while. Thank you!

15 09 2009


We have about 15 Home Groups groups meeting throughout the Triad (35 groups total). There are more groups meeting than are shown on this blog. We have groups that meet in High Point, Greensboro, Colfax, Oak Ridge, Brown Summit, Jamestown, etc. Some groups are for specific age groups and people types (singles, young marrieds, empty nesters), some are open to all, and some cover specific topics (finances, parenting, marriage, etc). Do you have an idea of what you are looking for?

16 09 2009

A single group or bible study group, and the finance would be another. I’m a single mom with two daughters in college, and living at home with me. I like to study the bible with others. I live in High Point but am only a 30 minute drive from the church.

Thank you,
Terri Ward

17 09 2009


The singles group would be a great benefit to you as earlier stated. As a second option, I have a group that is “officially” full that meets off of Hwy 68 near Gallimore Dairy. That is a great group and is half the distance to the church. I could see if they can squeeze one more in. As a third option, I have a group in Greensboro that is a mix of married and singles. (Some singles like the mix) Let me know if any of these sound interesting and I’ll give you the full details.

For your girls we have an upcoming meeting called “The Gathering”. It is a service formatted for 18-30 year olds (worship, teaching, food and fellowship). They can meet the two groups that minister to their age and see which one they fit best. (80% of the band is 18-30 year olds)

Hope this helps clarifying things for you.

Scott Truhe Small Groups Pastor Calvary Church 294-2788

10 08 2013

Looking for a Singer group 40 and above. Thank-you.

13 08 2013

Thanks for expressing interest. I need some clarification, though. Are you looking for a group that sings and is above forty or was that a typo and you are looking for a single’s group above 40?

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